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The inaugural Glue Conference was held this week & it was, as expected, fantastic.

When I saw Eric last November at Defrag, he told me he was starting another conference.  My one sentence response was ‘let me know how I can help’.  He promised he would.

Fast forward a few months and there I was at Glue as both a sponsor and panel moderator.  From a business perspective, it was time & money well spent, as I had the opportunity to meet & socialize with some truly amazing technologists & entrepreneurs.   The venue at the Hyatt is very well suited for conferences, and in the heart of downtown Denver, is easily accessible via taxi & light rail.

I’ll leave the deep analysis to others for now, but I do want to share with you the quote I left for Eric on the post-conference survey.  I think it speaks for itself:

“What an amazing group of people. Where else could I have had a one-on-one conversation with Bob Frankston while Mitch Kapor was standing less than 20 feet away, after having had drinks the evening before with a group that included an America’s Cup winner (hey T.A.!).”

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