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Almost two years ago, I wrote a log file viewer that asynchronously tails a log file & updates a

inside a a page.  As a courtesy to other engineers, I posted about it.

The funny thing about that is, although it is one of my most widely viewed posts, there are only a few comments.  This leads me to conclude that the highly technical software engineers who’ve arrived at the post via a search are very interested in learning how I’ve done it (check here for the post & you’ll see an explanation, the source code & a working example), but they aren’t interested in having a conversation. 

Someone else1 pointed out that Google searches dropped off dramatically during Obama’s Inauguration, while both Twitter & Facebook usage skyrocketed.  This elicits the position that search is not a social application; it is performed as & when needed purely for information.  I’m fascinated by the very real anecdotal evidence of this in my own server logs.

1 Sarah Lacey http://www.sarahlacy.com/sarahlacy/2009/01/google-dethroned.html

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