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And I’m not riffing on the Romantics. Just a little while ago, my two sons (who are on day 1 of a nearly four week school break) began arguing with each other over the amount of clay each one had, and I overheard the argument turn ugly.


Instead of using the old approach (scolding, grounding) that essentially amounted to “Respect your brother or else!”, I asked them to sit down and discuss five characteristics that they really liked about each other, and why those characteristics were useful or valuable.


This led to a delightful exchange in which they reminded each other why they get along so well most of the time, and to remember that the next time they have a disagreement.  They both got up, decided that the clay situation was no big deal, and they’re now happily playing Lego Star Wars on the PS3.All I had to do was nudge them in the right direction & they figured it out. 


I think they’re going to be fine young men.