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Though ticket sales resumed Tuesday, it certainly appears that problems remained. Local media was not kind.

A Rockies spokesman on Monday had claimed that the site had been “…the victim of a deliberate attack”. When asked to provide details on this statement Tuesday, that same spokesman declined comment. It was noted that [thus far] no criminal complaint(s) had been filed on behalf of either MLB or the Rockies in relation to the site outage.

While the site seemingly collapsed under the volume of incoming ticket requests, the first explanation offered by the team was that of an attack. My suspicion that the failure was architectural in nature was bolstered when I heard the comments of a customer who was being interviewed by local news media (I’m paraphrasing as I did not transcribe his exact comments):

“[my first attempt failed], so then I created another account and immediately logged in and was able to purchase tickets.”

I think this indicates some issues around session management – the sessions that failed were “stuck” failed (lost in the fulfillment queue or something like that, perhaps because it overran itself). Brand new accounts would require a new login, and thus a new session token… and would work.

Serendipitous good fortune for one guy, but very telling in what probably really occurred.

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