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I hate to gloat point it out, but the behavior change I noticed in my own usage & that of my facebook friends may be a trend. But hey, what do I know?

I had an eerily timed comment-based exchange with Dave McClure on this very topic over the past couple days (via Kara Swisher’s column here – I had no knowledge of the Comscore scores, and in fact haven’t actually seen them yet).

Weird, huh?

EDIT: I’ve now seen the Comscore numbers. PageviewsUniques are down 9+% and uniquesPageviews are down 3+% in the US, so this is something to watch closely. I think two dynamics are converging: dumbass apps have wearied users (please don’t throw anything, sheep or otherwise, at me, thank you) and corp IT folks are looking at traffic and saying “Holy Shit. That bandwidth suck is costing us $$$. Block it.”

Kara comes back with a followup post here in which Scoble (Robert Scoble – scobleizer) agrees. This would funny stuf if so much money wasn’t at stake. Facebook absolutely muts get a real business app out there quickly – and it must solve a problem that actually exists, and isn’t already handled better by another app (or two doezen) that are available in the enterprise.

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