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I’ve decided to apply the 1.1.1 update today. Gotta admit, I am a bit nervous. My iPhone is modified, but not unlocked. I’m on the ATT network, having originally activated it in about two minutes on the day I purchased it. I do have installer.app on my iPhone – will this trigger invalidation of the SIM? Shouldn’t… but… I’m downloading the 1.1.1 update now… I have installer.app installed with only three or four apps, plus SummerBoard and a few themes.

I’m not expecting this to brick the iPhone, but I’ll admit that I’m nervous. I bought the iPhone in Denver on July 14th and paid … ahem … the *full* price. If this does brick the phone, I’ll drop the SIM back into the Treo to get prodcutive, and go from there.

Ok, the iPhone just came alive with the “Please connect to iTunes” and now it is on the Apple logo w/ the spinning activity bars and the Powerbook is displaying the “Updating iPhone software” message.

Now the Powerbook dialog has changed to “Verifiying iPhone firmware…” As an aside, iTunes continued playing the whole time. Kinda nice, but weird…

The dialog has now changed to “Updating iPhone software”, and the Apple logo is still present on the iPhone.

The update just completed.

Moment of truth: the iPhone’s screen just changed to “Connect to iTunes for activation”, which it did on its own.

The activation occurred automatically, completed error-free and… the phone still works, but installer.app appears to be gone, as is SummerBoard.

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