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When I was at SFO last week picking up Dan, I saw the Fly Clear kiosk being setup in Terminal 3. I had heard a little about this before, so I snapped a couple pictures on the iPhone and picked up a pamphlet that explained the program and provided details on how it worked.

I’m skeptical.

Fly Clear kiosk at SFO

The pamphlet indicates that this is a two step enrollment process.

Step 1 – Sign up online. During the online process, you provide background information (presumably the sort of stuff you’d supply for any background check), and then enter your credit card information. It states you won’t be charged if you aren’t approved, but… you don’t actually complete the enrollment process until later at…

Step 2 …a participating airport’s Clear enrollment station. And here’s the rub for me: the disconnect between the online process and the offline process will probably produce a lot of conversations like this:

“The web site didn’t give me a (confirmation | enrollment | secret ID) number.”

“Sorry maam. We have no record of you having supplied the background information.”

“Our records show that we issued your card to you four days ago – that wasn’t you?”

“There’s a problem with your enrollment sir. You’re going to have to come with us.”

I’m skeptical that this will work because this disconnect creates so many opportunities for mistakes. And I don’t even want to think about willingly giving my personal information (including an iris-print, fingerprint and live credit card) to the same agency that was/is responsible for the nonsensical 3-once rule (among other things).