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In January, I began offering a new account type at Freepository – Silver Edition. Silver provides on-demand trac views of your subversion-managed freepository. For a limited time, Freepository Silver Edition, which provides hosted SVN and Trac, is available free of charge.

With 45 days of data to review, I can see some interesting trends. Developers (who are now coming to the site via word-of-mouth at the rate of 97% – see http://commavee.com/2006/11/10/referrals-vs-direct-visitors/), still want CVS, but are also very interested in SVN. The mix of new registrations now is about 50-50 (half for CVS accounts and half for SVN).

Freepository Silver Edition allows software development teams to instantly come together in a shared workspace, where source & version control, defect & issue tracking, and release management is provided securely through the browser. Your Freepository SVN repository may be accessed with any standard SVN client. All access is via HTTPS, so you can be sure your transmissions are secure. No matter where your team members are located, they can now quickly, effectively and securely collaborate with each other.

To register for Freepository Silver Edition, go to the registration page at http://freepository.com and select the Silver Plan.

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