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Here’s a statistic that I find very interesting: 94% of freepository’s visitors hit us with a direct URI. That is, there’s no referral. They know about freepository already, so they type in the URI.

visitors.jpgFreepository is a unique name; while it is possible some visitors simply typed it in randomly or accidently, well.. they probably meant to type it. This means that someone told them about Freepository, and they are checking it out.

Are these simply return visitors, who having found Freepository before now type the URI directly into the browser? Half true. Exactly 50% (a long term trend) of our visitors every day are new visitors. It is reasonable to conclude that these visitors have been told about Freepository, and are typing it into their browser directly as a result.

This is very interesting and represents a very highly pre-qualified visitor base. Referrals from other websites is certainly good; referrals from other people is outstanding.


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