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This must be your lucky week. First RSS feeds, now secure WebDAV folders.

Once again, you asked and we listened. Secure WebDAV folders are now available from Freepository.

Freepository WebDAV Folders

To use the WebDAV folders, you must login to your Freepository account and select a freepository from your picklist. From there, you will see a silver folder icon (next to your brand new RSS feeds icon!). Click on the WebDAV folder icon to activate WebDAV folders for your Freepository.

This is an awesome feature that costs money elsewhere. As a Freepository member, you enjoy this feature free of charge as part of your Basic membership – for a limited time. (we may charge for this feature in the future, but for now, relax and enjoy secure access to your Freepository WebDAV folder from anywhere on the planet).

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