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If you are one of our many thousands of direct-client using members (i.e. Eclipse, WinCVS, TortoiseCVS), you connect to the Freepository server via a dedicated port, aka a listener. Today we improved one of the functions that manages these listeners. Thanks to reports from one of our teams (thanks, Dan & Gabe!) we have improved the way we harvest & place new listeners into service.

Whenever a member creates secure entries for him- or herself, the system fires up a process (in near real-time) that bootstraps the new listener into the system files & networking subsystems. As a result of our growth, this process was essentially running all the time, creating overhead that made getting connections occassionally difficult.

If you attempted to start your connection with the server at the wrong time, you might receive a connection refused error message. Attempts to connect even seconds later would be successful.

If this has frustrated you in the past, you will appreciate today’s changes.

We have batched the process to run twice per hour. Each process runs for approximately 30 seconds, so this should improve things for all of our members.