2 minute read

We’ve been collecting statisitics on site usage for a long time, and see some really interesting patterns.

Over a three month period, half of the people visiting the site are new visitors. The other half are repeat visitors, which maps to Freepository members coming to the site to use it for their software development.

Of those, about 13 visit twice per week, and then about 18 visit three times per week and so on with smaller percentages visiting four, five, six, seven and eight times per week. Then something interesting happens – members visting between nine and fourteen times per week jumps back up to over 13, and then drops again.

We have a small percentage of members who visit the site between 26 – 50 times during a month and 51 – 100 times.

The two statistics that grabbed my attention this morning, and prompted me to write this, were:

  1. There is a measurable number of members who have visited the site between 101 – 200 times over the past month – an average of fives times per day. That’s a lot of software development activity.

  2. First-time site visits and active usage (as measured by the return visits during this three month period) has tripled.

And this only accounts for our web-based utilization. We have thousands and thousands of members who use the service from a direct client (i.e. Eclipse, TortoiseCVS, WinCVS, etc.) and are not counted here in the web statistics. I’ll post on those statisitics another day.