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As you know, I run

freepository, and am implementing the Premium Edition. I’m struggling with a fundamental decision on *what* to add, because I’m uncertain what’s more valuable to a small development team: access to a project management app or a simple wiki?

Freepository Premium Edition is designed to address the needs of larger software development teams, or teams that have more sophisticated needs, and thus demand more than just hosted source control. I have modeled both (project management application and simple wiki), and frankly I think the project management app beats the wiki hands-down. But it should, because these are two very different applications serving different purposes.

I’ve seen projects use a wiki for *everything*. This just doesn’t seem very effective to me when compared to using a real project management application, especially one that has been designed with the management of software projects in mind. I also must admit that I just don’t like wikis in general, especially since adding content via a CMS or a blogging tool is so much more elegant and feature-rich.

But a full-featured Project Management application (I like dotProject, see the screenshot below) may just get in the way.

![dotProject in the Project view][2]

There’s really no way to satisfy everyone, and running a poll on the site is generally useless. People don’t participate…

What do you think? Is a wiki or real project management software better for these types of small, yet sophisticated teams?

[2]: https://leadville.jbminn.com/images/dotProject.png