2 minute read

I recently replaced my old Treo with a new 650. This is a cool phone, to be sure, but now I need to get productive with it.

The first syncronization between the 650 and my Pam desktop is occuring on my other system right now. I first had to install the new Palm desktop software that came with the 650, next sync the 300 to the new desktop, and finally sync the 650 to the newly updated desktop. When this is complete, I should have all of my contacts etc. that I’ve painstakingly added to the 300 over the past two years available for use in the 650.

The sync completed a moment ago, but “…with messages” I hit “Ok” before realizing that the other option was “View logfile”. The phone looks OK, and now I’ll check the contacts. If I have all the old ones, I’m happy.

Nice. Very Nice. All the contacts, speed dial buttons and custom apps from my old 300 are now on my new 650. The registration applet didn’t function very well, though. It took me through a couple screens that asked for my email address (I know, I know… but I want the 20% discount coupon for accessories) and then landed on a screen where it asked for the serial number. There were three problems with this screen:

  • It indicated that the S/N should be automatically grabbed from the phone. It wasn’t
  • It said “If your S/N doesn’t appear above (in the auto-populated field), then enter it here: There was a graphic showing where the S/N was located on the back of the phone… but my phone doesn’t have that S/N tag anywhere that I can see.

    • There was no way to proceed beyond this screen w/o entering a valid S/N, and I couldn’t find mine.

Maybe this is no big deal, really, to most people. But I am in the software business and this is just stupid. A registration applet that gets it totally wrong. Are you listening palmOne?