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I am now in Hyderabad, India after a 9.5 hour flight to Frankfurt, a 4 minute connection window (really) and another 9.5 hour flight from Frankfurt.

I arrived last night (… or was it this morning?) about half past Midnite, and it was near 1:00 am when I arrived at the hotel.

During the ride to hotel, I was amazed at the looseness with which traffic flowed (there aren’t rules, merely suggestions..), and by the numerous cramped, ramshackle buildings seemingly stacked on and next to each other along the way.

I have a driver at my disposal while I’m here, and it struck me how excited he was when I gave him a standard cab-fare tip. This made me a bit sad, really. Things that I take so wholly for granted (my education, my opportunity) are rare commodities in many parts of the world.